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Key stage one and early years foundation stage resources for teachers to share with you.

Learning and Teaching Resources

EarlyLearningHQ have some brilliant resources for the Early Years Foundation Children. There are resources for multiple learning areas such as Literacy, Numeracy and Drama. As well as these there are lesson plans, images, editable resources and more which will help the development of younger children and help them create neccisary skills in certain subjects. Interactive online games can be accessed for Key Stage 1 pupils.

Lesson Plans and Ideas

Lesson Plans and Ideas come in a Microsoft Word document and have detailed tips, plans and ideas that can be used in an Early Learning Foundation Environment. Developing childrens skills in literacy, numeracy, common knowelege, ICT and more is vital as they will be working on these throug Primary, Secondary and in their careers. 

It is essential that children remain interested and engaged in the lesson that they are taking part in. Teachers can use all manor of items to help keep the children learning. Using food, soft materials and even television shows will keep a childs interest as they are fun, bright and they also help teach about the topic they relate to.

Photos and Illustrations

There is a great band of images that can be used in the Early Learning Foundation classroom. They can be used as learning tools; when talking about a topic they can be used to illustrate what the teacher is talking about. They can also be used as part of a classroom display.

Behaviour and Drama

EarlyLearningHQ have role-play ideas and suggestions that will help teach yound children how to behave and act in the real world. This can tie in with aspects of drama as it is also about how the child presents themselves, using image, actions and personality. They can learn how to buy clothes and shoes, travel through airports and much more.


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