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A politics site for citizenship classes that has resources for different areas of politics, case studies and information in general.

Learning and Teaching Resources

This website provides materials for teaching about politics and democracy. This supports the National Curriculum programme of study for Citizenship at Key Stage 2. 

The site provides a selection of case studies which covers a range of areas and ideas; most focusing around the idea of youth making a change in parliament.

Booklets - Activities and Information

There are booklets on voting, which cover areas such as what voting is, who can vote and different types of voting. A political version of snakes and ladders can be found on the website. This is a good way of children in Upper Key Stage 2 to develop a sense of what elections are about.

There are also a series of booklets with information and activities- Democracy Cookbooks- that can support teaching about democracy, Parliament, elections and voting. These cover organisation of Parliament in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Democracy Tree

The website allows teachers to access a ‘democracy tree’, which is a good visual representation of the different institutions that affect us. This covers aspects of local government, regional institutions as well as those on a national and a European scale. The website also provides a European floor map activity that is designed to help children learn about the EU.


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