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Many resources, assessments and so on for Secondary School Spanish learning.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Espanol Extra is a website dedicated to Spanish Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4; offering online resources for teachers and their pupils. Secondary teachers will find that a range of topics are covered with the type of learning activities within the teaching materials made clear. For example, teaching resources related to numbers cover spelling, listening, writing and reading. There are revision activities to reinforce learning, games to add variety into lesson planning and PowerPoint presentations that can be downloaded for use in the classroom.

The website offers links to video sources that may be useful for secondary teachers when teaching particular topics involving specific vocabulary and sentence structures. Topic-based songs that can support the teaching and learning of Spanish can be found via this website which is a fantastic way to help pupils remember the language.

Supporting Teachers 

Espanol Extra also gives resources to support teachers in talking about the news or significant topics and events in Spanish within the classroom. Key vocabulary sheets are available to download, which include important verbs and key nouns. This is a fantastic teaching resource that can support lesson planning and provide engaging contexts for using language.

Trailers and Clips 

The website also offers the ability to access trailers and clips of Spanish and Latin American films. These can be used by teachers to help expose pupils to authentic language use as well as give them greater insight into the Spanish-speaking world. For some of the audiovisual material provided, worksheets and workbooks are given to support teachers who would like to use film as a way of stimulating and engaging their pupils at KS3 and KS4.

The teaching & learning ideas and classroom activities supported by this website are ideal for whole-class use as they are fun, engaging and very helpful for both Secondary Teachers and Pupils.  


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