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Knowledge and information about classical music of past and present that Music teachers can easily use.

Learning and Teaching Resources

The National Curriculum programme of study for Music at Key Stage 3 outlines that pupils will learn about the subject in the present as well as the past.

Musical Periods, Timelines and Composers

This website provides an excellent overview of musical periods throughout History. It covers early music and outlines what was considered to be ‘music’ at the time. The origins of notation in religious manuscripts as early scores is mentioned. The timeline of classical musical periods also covers medieval, modern, baroque, contemporary and romantic. It could be useful as a source of information to support teacher subject-knowledge, producing resources to learn about the development of classical music or a website that pupils could visit in order to conduct their own research. There is also a useful section on significant classical composers, which offer biographical information.

Classical Music in Modern Films

The website also contains information on the use of classical music in modern films. This could provide a useful starting point for discussing the contributions of classical music in contemporary films.


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