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This is a fund-raising ideas site that has a variety of art & design resources which can help raise money for any cause.

Learning and Teaching Resources

This website offers a very wide range of options that will inspire fundraising schools. A free resource pack is available to order that contains all the information you will need to get your fundraising boots on. This pack includes a free coaster sample from FunMats, as well as information that you may find will spur you on to more fundraising ideas for your school.

Idea for Fundraising

This idea for school fundraising is very popular and adds a touch of personalisation to your school’s fundraising event. It can be used as a stand alone fundraising idea or as part of a whole day dedicated to fundraising with your own theme. Customisable coasters, T-shirts, mousemats, and even canvas shopping bags are all available and are made to order. This means you won’t have any excess products gathering dust in the school cupboards!

Children Learning Skills

The idea that FunMats puts forward isn’t just about making money for your school. The whole design process is down to the children, as it will be their drawings and ideas that end up on the products! This leads to fun-filled lessons that can link to the Art & Design study scheme. This great website for fundraising is a good way for your children to take pride in their work whilst helping the school raise some money, and has great potential to be a part of a fundraising day at your school.


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