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Primary and Secondary resources on the 2012 Olypics for Citizenship, PSHE and MFL.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Get Set provides a wealth of resources for schools and teachers in both primary and secondary schools who wish to mark the 2012 Olympics before these begin.

This website is easy to navigate and divides suggested activities by age range, from 3-5 up to 16-19. It also features an image bank that can be used in projects about the Olympics and Paralympics.

Primary School Resources on the Olympics

For children in the Early Years Foundation Stage, there are suggested activities and teaching resources. These include materials about the London 2012 mascots and ideas for teachers who are looking to create a unique display inspired by the Games.

For Key Stage 1, teachers will find ideas about the Olympic Values that can be used in the classroom, chapters in a story about the mascots for London 2012 and assembly ideas suggested as a way of learning about the Olympic and Paralympic values. There are lots of ideas to inspire KS1 teachers in creating lessons about this important event.

At Key Stage 2, teachers will find videos about the Olympic Values and their importance. There are activities for children to engage with when considering how they rate against the Olympic and Paralympic Values. KS2 teachers will also find that the website offers useful fact files about the Games.

Secondary Teaching Resources on London 2012

There are suggestions for how the London 2012 Games can be used to inspire learning modern foreign languages. Teachers will find design technology resources and ideas for creating displays inspired by the Olympic and Paralympic Values. Assembly ideas and activities involving presentations are all accessible via the website.

This website is extremely useful as it brings together resources and teaching ideas for use in the classroom that can be used across primary and secondary schools. With all these educational materials in one place, teachers can adopt or draw on teaching activities that will engage and challenge the children in their classrooms.


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