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A Art site for Primary School learning based around Art & Design that describes everything you can use in a lesson.

Learning and Teaching Resources

I am an Artist is a lovely website that covers everything you can use in your Art & Design lesson, including clay, paints and pens, fabrics & fibres & construction!

Video-Clips and More

To use in Art & Design KS1 & KS2 it uses a variety of media including short video clips, an interactive website plus fact sheets and web links to bring art classes to life!

This website has many, many lesson plans for Art & Design from infants through to KS2, although the Curriculum links are made to the Irish curriculum, it should be easy for teachers to map lessons to their own curriculum or adapt to use within the age group they teach.

Each lesson plan is clear and easy to use with instruction on what is needed and how some can be adapted to use on the PC.

The resources are also perfect for teaching at home for parents too!


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