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A range of free tools to use in classes as well as tutorials on how to use different pieces of software.

Learning and Teaching Resources

During Key Stage 1, children explore different software as part of the ICT National Curriculum programme of study. This website offers teachers the opportunity to download free software which opens up a new world of possibilities for the software that children can explore. There are also examples of software that teachers can download to enhance their own ICT-based resources for use in the classroom.


Articles on the website are also accessible and these discuss various aspects of the use of ICT within schools, which may be useful for teachers seeking to develop provision and collect possible ideas that can be translated into practice.

ICT in Projects

The website also provides details of projects where the use of ICT has been approached from an original and innovative perspective. These can be helpful in inspiring units of work.  Accompanying these are PowerPoints, which contain outlines of the project, samples of children’s work and planning for the scheme of work that was undertaken. These could be useful starting points or adapted as necessary.


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