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Help KS3 Maths students understand and learn sequences on an online format with this site.

Learning and Teaching Resources

As part of the programme of study for Mathematics at Key Stage 3, pupils are taught to identify and classify patterns. They reason using particular examples in order to arrive at a generalisation. Pupils will also be expected to recognise that algebra can be used to express generalisations that are found.

Generating Number Sequences

This resource generates number sequences, which are based on rules and relationships between numbers. Pupils are required to identify the missing terms and deduce the rule by which the number sequence ascends or descends. Having identified the rule, pupils must then use this to determine subsequent terms in the number sequence. For instance, the tenth and twentieth term.

Class and Individual Use

The sequence generator may be useful for use as part of whole-class teaching when teaching about number sequences, rules and calculating terms much further into the sequence. It could also be used by pupils to practise identifying rules and using these to identify missing terms and calculate those appearing later in the sequence outside of the classroom.


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