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A PE site that teaches students about the body, how it works and other useful information.

Learning and Teaching Resources

The National Curriculum for PE at Key Stage 2 requires children to be taught about health and fitness. This includes considering the short-term effects of exercise, the importance of physical activity for good health and well-being, as well the need for good personal hygiene.

Topics Covered

This website covers topics such as ‘Staying Healthy’, ‘How The Body Works’ and ‘Illness and Injuries’. The different sections provide articles on different aspects of topics, which could be shared with children. There is also the option of listening to the page being read, which can help support less confident readers.

Movies, Quizzes and More

Some sections contain movies for children to watch, quizzes that can be participated in and other activities. This provides an interactive element. ‘How The Body Works’ is particularly useful as children can learn about external and internal body parts, which can be useful when discussing the impact of certain activities on the health of individuals.


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