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Klariti is a simple online how-to guide to creating macros.

Learning and Teaching Resources

In the National Curriculum for Key Stage 4, the ICT programme of study highlights that pupils use ICT to share, exchange and present information. They manage content, accessibility and the security of this. They employ ICT to record and automise actions.

Macros and Microsoft

This website focuses on the use of macros and how to create these in Microsoft Word. It provides a guide for how to achieve this. It gives the necessary steps required via the toolbar in Microsoft Word and how to record a macro, in terms of the actions or set of actions that are needed to complete a task. It provides instructions for adding these to toolbars, which enable specific actions to be carried out quickly when presenting information onscreen.

The information is a useful prompt for teachers as well as a source of information for pupils to refer to when working independently in creating macros and exploring what can be done with this.


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