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This musical site can really help when planning and producing a School Musical as it can provide scripts and fantastic ideas.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Limelight have a number of school musicals and productions suitable for all ages. Free director support programme and guide to PR for your school show. Limelight offer a great starting point for schools looking to do their own show. This resource will put the students (and the teacher/director!) on their first steps towards a show. It is a great way of bringing children out of their comfort zone to really do something productive, and you are sure to find a star in your midst.

New Musicals for Schools

Limelight specialise in the creating and developing of brand new and exciting musicals for schools. Their director's support programme is a great way of getting a feel of what they do and how they can help your school. School shows are ever-increasing in popularity and this free resource is a fantastic opportunity to unlock the potential talent of some of your students.


The programme includes essential guidance on staging a successful show, access to up and coming shows and the opportunity to have a creative input in shows for schools, all as well as a quarterly newsletter with the latest school show news.


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