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London 2012


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Resources about the up and coming London 2012 Olympics that can be used in PE classes.

Learning and Teaching Resources

This website provides resources and materials that can be used in relation to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in London. 

Age, Type and Themes

Teachers can find resources inspired by the London 2012 Games. These can be browsed by age, type or themes. There are materials on the Ancient Greek Olympic Games and interactive activities to help children understand the connection with those held in the twenty-first century. This includes worksheets and interactive activities.

Ideas for Projects and More

There are ideas for projects, assemblies, fact sheets and films related to the Olympics. They have been designed to inspire and encourage children in regards to taking part in physical activities. Teachers can also learn about programmes that are running in different areas to engage children in healthy and active lifestyles.

The website can provide ideas for activities within the classroom and beyond, which relate to the National Curriculum programme of study for PE where it is required that children develop a positive attitude to health, fitness and well-being through being physically active.


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