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Good resources on Queen Elizabeth I for KS3 History classes.

Learning and Teaching Resources

This website can be used to support teaching and learning about British History and the monarchy. It supports the National Curriculum programme of study in History at Key Stage 3 where pupils consider the relationship between the role of the crown and parliament. 

Biography, Information and More

There is a biography of Queen Elizabeth I that serves as an overview. The website also features Queen Elizabeth I’s speeches providing primary sources of information on different topics, such as religion and responses to political figures. There is also a collection of Queen Elizabeth I’s letters to various historical figures, such as Mary Queen of Scots.

Study Resources

The website provides study resources. These include images of Queen Elizabeth I, which can be useful in examining how she was represented and possible reasons for this. There are links to video clips that can be used in the classroom to complement the use of simply textual and visual sources of information.


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