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Morrison’s have lesson plans, tips, guides and more that Primary and Secondary School teachers can access about schools growing their own food.

Learning and Teaching Resources

The Morrisons Let’s Grow programme has been very successful since it’s inception in 2007, with almost 25 000 schools participating, and there are plenty of reasons why. The site offers advice on home-growing and school-growing fruit and vegetables for all ages, and invites pupils, teachers and parents alike to participate in the programme.

Lesson Plans and Activities for Multiple Subjects

The site offers resources for teachers across the board, including the foundation stage and key stages 1-4, incorporating various subjects and lesson plans to suit different teaching needs. Science, PSHE and Design and Technology are all included in this large database of free resources. The resources include lesson plans for a wide range of activities, from learning about sustainable food chains in the classroom, to designing and constructing a birdfeeder with recycled materials for the school garden.

Video Clips and Games

The website flows effortlessly and has enough lesson plans to keep the children occupied for the whole year! The easy to navigate resources are packed with different activities, and the accompanying video clips and online games provide a good, interactive visual aid for the students. The Key Stages are broken down into subjects, and within each subject is a multitude of individual lesson plans to get the pupils interested and excited about growing sustainable foods, both in school and at home.

Educating the youth on sustainability and looking after the environment are key aspects in today’s society, and the Morrisons Let’s Grow scheme is a great way of doing so. 


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