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The National Archives site has resources about different parts of the Home Front (1939 – 1945) era.

Learning and Teaching Resources

The National Archives provides a comprehensive set of resources on World War Two appropriate to Key Stage 3. Secondary school teachers of History may find some of the educational materials and teaching ideas could be applied to teaching and learning in the Key Stage 4 classroom.

This website is designed to help pupils learn about the Second World War using animated maps and investigating original documents, films, photographs and audio. It is organised according to different theatres of war associated with World War Two. These include Western Europe, Asia and the Northern Africa amongst others.

There are teaching and learning activities suggested that can be used to investigate many aspects of World War Two. For example, the way in which occupation affected different people and how worried Britain may have been about invasion in 1941.


Downloadable Documents to Support Teaching and Learning About the Second World War Through Sources

 One of the great aspects of this website is that sources can be downloaded for use in the classroom. This includes text-based documents as well as video sources. There are several sources that can be downloaded for use in the classroom and each aspect of the Second World War covered by the website is supported by an investigation sheet that is a great resource for focusing pupils’ use of the sources provided. Secondary teachers at KS3 (and at Key Stage 4) are also offered worksheets that can be used to support the use of sources and educational materials contained on the website.

It is highly recommended that secondary school teachers explore the wealth of resources offered by this website. These could be displayed on interactive whiteboards or useful in creating paper-based resources, such as worksheets, for lesson activities. The website is easy to navigate by the theatres of war so KS3 and KS4 teachers will not find that they are wasting time to locate great resources and teaching materials. 


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