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The National Gallery provides tips and information on visiting them with Primary School students.

Learning and Teaching Resources

The National Gallery provides sessions for secondary school pupils and their teachers. This section of the website provides contact details for teachers who wish to discuss their requirements and visit the National Gallery. Visits to the National Gallery can be led by an educator from the Gallery, which means the pupils get the most from the paintings on display.

Self-Guided Tour

There is also the possibility of arranging a self-guided tour. For Key Stage 4 pupils, there are ‘Talking Paintings’ sessions that are free for UK schools and last for one hour. There are a selection of themes these can explore. For example, Colour, Costume, War, Identity and Symbolism to name a few. The talks could provide Key Stage 4 pupils with starting points, a deeper understanding of a theme and its treatment as well as encourage them to view works of art in relation to their context.

A visit to the National Gallery can be prepared for through accessing the online digital resources and follow-up activities planned.


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