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National Grid for Learning II


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A fun Spanish site that can be used online or be downloaded and comes with teachers notes.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Teachers will find a unit of work aimed at those who are new to Spanish. It introduces children to vocabulary for common classroom objects, classroom instructions, number from one to ten and simple colours.

Teachers Notes, Activities and Games

Teacher’s notes outline the activities, which are carried out using an interactive whiteboard. The activities for learning the language can be accessed online for use on the interactive whiteboard. These involve sound clips of native speakers saying words and phrases, which help children to listen to examples of good pronunciation they can try to copy.

The resources and activities do not simply focus on developing children’s knowledge of words. The games and activities form part of ways in which we learn ways of learning a language in fun and interactive ways.

The vocabulary introduced through this resource can be easily reinforced as part of everyday routines in the classroom. For example, using instructions in Spanish rather than English in different areas of the curriculum.


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