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The Van Gogh teaching resource contains an interactive activity and also a lesson pack.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Teach children to paint like van Gogh!

Lesson Plan and Instructions

This lesson plan for Art & Design KS1 and KS2 is produced by The National Grid for Learning. It introduces landscape painting to children using Van Gogh’s work as an example.

The step by step instructions explain how Van Gogh’s different techniques enabled him to draw such stunning landscapes, to which the children can then create themselves!

The lesson can be split in order for you to teach over 3 lessons of Art & Design KS1 or KS2, should it be more suitable.

Interactive Whiteboard in Lessons

It is best performed using an interactive whiteboard which the children can use the white board tools with. This resource includes the interactive whiteboard activity plus the lesson pack for you to download. The lesson pack includes the printable worksheets and the teachers guidance notes.


The work also links across to History, ICT, Language and Maths so a gold star for you!


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