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An in-depth KS3 History teaching resource about the Slave Trade.

Learning and Teaching Resources

The Key Stage 3 History programme of study in the National Curriculum highlights that pupils should consider the development of trade and the impact on people in Britain and overseas. This includes the nature and effects of the slave trade. This website focuses on the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Themes and Information

It covers themes of triangular trade, oppression, resistance, abolition and impact on people. There is information on these as well as images of historical artefacts and documents so that pupils can engage with primary sources of information as well as secondary.

Create your own Exhibitions

The really interesting aspect of the website is that it enables pupils to create their own exhibitions. They can select images, produce descriptions and write about why it is an important piece of evidence. These can be saved and viewed as online exhibits. It is an excellent way of encouraging pupils to look at historical sources and develop their own skills in enquiry and interpretation.

Support for Teachers

The website also provides teachers with useful information and support for using the online collections in the classroom.


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