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For KS1 and KS2 Design & Technology students, this site offers multiple resources for them to use in classes.

Learning and Teaching Resources

For teachers looking for units of work, this website provides several examples.

There are units of work with planning for each lesson for the project. These units of work clearly indicate what children will learn and this relates to the National Curriculum programme of study for Design Technology.

Structure of the Units

The structure of the units involves children being engaged in ‘small tasks’, which are opportunities to develop skills or techniques through focused practical work. The ‘big task’ involves designing and making of a product with children applying the skills or techniques taught previously. Each lesson has a detailed plan on the required input from the teacher and activities children will complete.

The Curriculum and Projects

The units provided cover the breadth of study in the National Curriculum. The projects cover making moving pictures using simple mechanisms, creating a textile piece of work, designing a food product as well as several others. These classroom resources and ideas will save hours of planning time, support progression through a project and enable high-quality Design Technology to happen in the classroom.


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