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Teaching Ideas, Lesson Activities and Resources for Key Stage 2 History

School History offers a range of teaching ideas and resources for use at Key Stage 2. The website provides educational resources for use in the classroom on topics that are typically covered at this stage of primary education. For instance, the Vikings, Victorian Britain and the Romans. These teaching resources an activities could be easily incorporated into existing schemes of work in order to provide variety and new ideas that may spark children’s interest in the classroom while teaching History at KS2.

One resource offered is a PowerPoint resource that can be used to introduce pupils at Key Stage 2 to skills needed in History. This encourages pupils to draw conclusions on the basis of evidence and involves the idea of finding a bag and making deductions. Primary teachers could supplement the teaching and learning ideas within the PowerPoint with actual objects to bring the lesson to life.

Resources to Support Teaching KS2 History Topics

Primary teachers will find resources to support teaching and learning activities about the following topics: Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, the Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Britain since 1930 along with other periods in History that are important. 

There is a suggested teaching activity related to the Greek alphabet with an example worksheet for KS2 children. This is an activity that could be used to support learning in Literacy as children need to identify errors. Puzzles to use with children on the theme of Ancient Egypt can be accessed on this website as well as resources to learn about the origins of place names, which will develop their knowlege on the topic as well as other areas.

For any Key Stage 2 teacher looking for fresh ideas to support their learning of History, it is worth looking at the ideas provided by this website and considering how they could be introduced, taught and further developed in the classroom.


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