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Educational Resources on the Inclusion of People with Special Needs

Learning and Teaching Resources

This website is a great resource for teachers who are looking to promote the inclusion of disabled people and students in the school environment and the wider community. Scope provide a very good resource for Early Years children through their ‘In the Picture’ campaign, in which they promote pictures and illustrations of disabled children in children’s books. This is an extremely good idea as it increases the knowledge that very young children have of disabled people, and the fact that they will learn to recognise those people from an earlier age is a great advantage.

Ongoing Campaigns

Scope also has ongoing campaigns for the inclusion of SEN students in sport and other areas of the community. They raise awareness of the fact that there is no scheme in place for young people with special needs to have higher education in Wales, as well as using case studies to highlight other issues such as transport problems that disabled people face. These case studies can be used in the classroom as a teaching resource for students, especially in the PSHE and Citizenship programmes of study.


Scope really tries to make a difference and succeeds in doing so. You can pass on this success in the classroom, and use their resources for lesson plans for their ‘In the Picture’ scheme. In addition there are accompanying videos to the case studies that can be used to show students about Special Educational Needs and the challenges children (and adults) with disabilities face on a daily basis.


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