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A selection of resources for Religious Studies on Catholicism.

Learning and Teaching Resources

This website provides lesson plans on the Catholic faith. The lesson plans cover different aspects of belief and practice. Plans outline the required preparation and activities to support teaching and learning. A range of worksheets can be accessed via the website.

ClipArt Images

Teachers will also find that a bank of ClipArt can be accessed. This covers a wide range of aspects of the Catholic faith and Christianity. For example, images related to the Old and New Testament, key events and festivals as well as aspects of religious buildings. This is a very useful source of images that teachers may wish to draw upon in producing their own worksheets, activities or interactive whiteboard presentations.


The website has a range of puzzles based on the Bible, key passages in the Bible as well as individual Gospels, which may prove to be useful homework tasks or appropriate for consolidating pupils’ knowledge. A collection of posters can be found, also. These can be useful for classroom displays.


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