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The Sing Up site helps Primary School Drama and Music pupils to help develop performing skills.

Learning and Teaching Resources

At Primary level drama forms part of the National Curriculum programme of study for English. However, singing and performing songs involves children developing their use of voice, gesture and movement. These are skills and abilities common to both Music and Drama.

Incorporating Performance into the Curriculum

The Sing Up website is a resource that can be used to incorporate performance into different curriculum areas. Sing Up provides teachers with a bank of songs that can be used in different curriculum areas. This means that cross-curricular links can be made in one subject to Music and Drama.

Supporting Performances

The website includes materials to support performance, such as backing tracks, song sheets and sheet music. Lesson plans are also available. These are supportive of taking a topic-based approach to teaching and learning, which can help to engage and motivate children by capturing their interest. There are also guides to how the voice works to develop subject-knowledge and inform teaching.


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