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Sport Relief


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Primary and Secondary School resources (including scripts and videos) for assemblies.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Sports Relief seeks to raise money through schools taking part in sport activities and challenges. The money raised is used help young people in the UK and rest of the world. It is an excellent opportunity to engage pupils in making a positive contribution.

Assemblies and Materials

There are assemblies available on the website to inspire pupils to take part in Sport Relief. The materials for secondary schools can be used for whole-school assemblies or as part of form time activities. PowerPoints accompany the assembly scripts.


The website provides ideas for assemblies that can be used to start the day when Sport Relief activities will take place. There are film clips that accompany the assembly and these highlight how a small amount of money can make a significant difference to disadvantaged young people.

Taking an Active Role

There are also materials that can be used with School Councils to get them involved in taking an active role in developing Sport Relief within the school. Schools can also order free resource packs via the website.


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