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Free Careers KS3 Teaching Resources for Secondary Teachers

About Careers at KS3

Careers form part of the KS3 Economic Well-Being and Financial Capability programme of study. It aims to teach children that everyone has a career or pathway through learning and the world of work. They identify the skills, attitudes and qualities that are needed to increase their chances of employability. It contributes to pupils’ self-development by encouraging them to see a positive future for themselves and assessing their own interests, skills and abilities. 

Pupils consider different types of work, such as employment, self-employment and voluntary. They consider different work roles and what is needed in order to undertake these. On Teaching-Resources-UK, as part of their 14 day trial, they offer resources on options for year 9 students, work, wages and professional skills and career planning. The Battersea Dogs and Cats home allow visits where they provide educational talks, a tour of the location and introductions to the animals. This could help with those pupils who want to undertake a career with animals. Also the visit can teach pupils about respect, care and appreciation.

What this Section Provides 

This section provides a selection of resources for teaching Careers at KS3. There are lesson plans and other materials that can be used to encourage pupils to think about different occupations, how to progress towards achieving their ambition and the skills required to improve their employability.

Making pupils aware of careers is important as it will allow them to have more options for after High-School. The resources on this page can really help and contribute to a pupils understanding on work and careers. Also, with the carefully laid out lesson plans and worksheets by Teaching-Resources-UK, pupils can understand careers more clearly and find it a more useful subject than before.

BP provide multiple resources for many different topics. For pupils wanting to have a self-employed career or a career in science; this site can be quite useful. With packs on climate change and on Enterprising Science, pupils and teachers can learn quite a lot.


2 Key Free Teaching Resources

Careers Lesson Plans & Worksheets

Careers Lesson Plans & Worksheets

Over 20 hours of teaching material available to download instantly. A complete suite of KS3 & 4 resources that will help fulfill the new school obligations for careers education.

Find out more about Careers Plans & Worksheets

The Apprenticeship Guide

The Apprenticeship Guide

Everything your students need to know about Apprenticeships... what to choose, how to apply, where to study, and much, much more. In print, online and on your mobile.

Find out more about The Apprenticeship Guide


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Careers Lesson Plans & Worksheets
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