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Free Careers KS4 Teaching Resources for Secondary Teachers

Teaching of Careers

The teaching of Careers at Key Stage 4 forms part of the Economic Well-Being and Financial Capability curriculum. Pupils come to recognise that everyone has a lifelong career through learning they engage with and in the world of work.

Teaching in Careers at Key Stage 4 involves supporting pupils to identify their own interests, skills, abilities and attitudes when considering options they have in continuing to learn or join the world of work.

It is important that KS4 pupils are aware of their options for after high-school as they are in their final year. There are opportunities for further/higher education, gap year and work (whether it be part-time/full-time/career).

What Pupils Study

Pupils study different types of work such as employment, self-employment and voluntary. They find out about post-16 learning and work options in their local area. Pupils should examine up-to-date labour market information on the diversity of local and national employment and learning options that provide progression routes in chosen occupations.


The resources in this section offer lesson plans that can be used to support teaching of Careers at Key Stage 4 and encourage pupils to think about their future choices. There are also resources focusing on skills that are needed in order to begin progressing towards a chosen career. is a great site for KS4 pupils who want to take a gap year. This site provides multiple opportunities and destinations for pupils to go to, covering from Europe to New Zealand and Voluntary Jobs to Jobs abroad. Gapwork also provides ideas for those who haven’t made up their mind about what they want to do.

NHS Careers offers opportunities for work experience, a guide for students, teaching resources and a page about how the NHS works. This site also has a store of job descriptions, videos and also it has a career mapper to help students see what career they could have.


6 Key Free Teaching Resources

Careers Lesson Plans & Worksheets

Careers Lesson Plans & Worksheets

Over 20 hours of teaching material available to download instantly. A complete suite of KS3 & 4 resources that will help fulfill the new school obligations for careers education.

Find out more about Careers Plans & Worksheets

The Apprenticeship Guide

The Apprenticeship Guide

Everything your students need to know about Apprenticeships... what to choose, how to apply, where to study, and much, much more. In print, online and on your mobile.

Find out more about The Apprenticeship Guide



Free teaching resources, plus everything you need to know about careers in chemical engineering.

Find out more about Why not Chemeng

The number one site for gap year jobs and volunteer work!

Find out more about


Reed Recruitment

A site to direct KS4 students to when talking about careers is this site as it provides resources for CV creation and much more.

Find out more about Reed Recruitment



A useful site for anyone studying or teaching Design & Technology or Careers as it provides information on construction.

Find out more about Bconstructive


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Careers Lesson Plans & Worksheets
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