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Free WRL KS3 Teaching Resources for Secondary Teachers

Work-Related Learning at KS3

Schools are required to provide work-related learning for pupils at Key Stage 4 as a statutory requirement. However, WRL as a non-statutory aspect of the curriculum can be developed whilst pupils are in Key Stage 3. WRL can be seen as a cross-curricular approach. Different subjects can create contexts whereby work-related skills, knowledge and understanding are developed by pupils. Pupils come to understand the world of work and make connections between what they learn in school and their future lives. Work-related learning encourages pupils to understand qualities, attitudes and skills that are needed in employment.

KS3 pupils will develop skills specifically in the area of work that they want to do. They become more aware about different jobs, especially if there is a stereotype. They learn to use their mind and ideas in multiple ways, providing new ideas in businesses and approaches to tasks and challenges. Activities in classes can help pupils gain a basic experience of what work can be like. Role-plays in lessons will be very beneficial. WRL at this age can help pupils decide what they want to do for work or a career; if they want to refine and develop their skills at a A-Level and Degree stage.

Resources for WRL

The teaching resources in this section provide materials that can be used to specifically teach skills relevant to WRL. There are also links to organisations which provide ideas for cross-curricular contexts and opportunities that can be created by schools in order to facilitate work-related learning.

Teaching-Resources-Uk has some brilliant resources for WRL at KS3. They cover a range of topics such as diplomas, finance, work, wages, skills and more. They present these topics via lesson plans, worksheets, and powerpoints which clearly explain each part.

Bnet has a bank of videos covering topics about business, finance, markets, money and more which help provide an understanding for pupils. Videos are engaging and with peoples own views and experiences, pupils will understand each topic better.


3 Key Free Teaching Resources

WRL Lesson Plans & Worksheets

WRL Lesson Plans & Worksheets

KS3 & 4 lesson plans covering the basics when applying for jobs, through to essential work-related issues including health & safety and teamwork.

Find out more about WRL Lesson Plans & Worksheets



A selection of videos and notes on the skills needed in the world of work, useful for Business Studies and WRL classes.

Find out more about Bnet


E4A Education

Resources for KS2 and KS3 students who are leaning about Enterprise.

Find out more about E4A Education


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WRL Lesson Plans & Worksheets
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