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Free WRL KS4 Teaching Resources for Secondary Teachers

Work-Related Learning and the Curriculum

There is a requirement for schools to provide work-related learning within the curriculum for pupils at Key Stage 4. This can take place in a cross-curricular way with different subjects providing opportunities for pupils to engage with projects that develop skills, knowledge and understanding relevant to the world of work. Through this, pupils can see the links and relevance between what is being taught in school and how these qualities, skills and attitudes are important in the workplace. It is important that pupils see this link as they can then see how vital education is, especially in relation to careers and jobs.

WRL has close links to Enterprise, Business Studies and School Fund Raising. These feed into the Citizenship curriculum, particularly where projects make a contribution to the school or wider community. Giving pupils roles in the schools runnings and fundraiser events will also provide them with much needed experience.

Opportunities for pupils to have work experience should be offered. Pupils can get first-hand experience about what is it like to work in a shop, office, business, etc… This will provide to them the ideas, ideals and requirements that employers ask for and what they expect them to do.

Resources for WRL

The resources in this section provide support for planning and teaching specific skills to develop WRL, which are useful in devising opportunities and contexts for pupils. There are also case studies that act as useful starting points for devising projects that will engage and motivate pupils to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding. Guidance is also available on how to encourage the development of pupils’ employability.

E4A Education has enterprise ideas that can be used in KS4 WRL. There are jigsaws that can help when learning about keywords and skills. There is also a starter pack which includes DVDs, books and more which cover the areas of the subject.


3 Key Free Teaching Resources

WRL Lesson Plans & Worksheets

WRL Lesson Plans & Worksheets

KS3 & 4 lesson plans covering the basics when applying for jobs, through to essential work-related issues including health & safety and teamwork.

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A selection of videos and notes on the skills needed in the world of work, useful for Business Studies and WRL classes.

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E4A Education

Resources for KS2 and KS3 students who are leaning about Enterprise.

Find out more about E4A Education


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WRL Lesson Plans & Worksheets
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