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Free Business Studies KS4 Teaching Resources for Secondary Teachers

GCSE and the Curriculum

Key Stage 4 pupils taking Business Studies will be working towards a GCSE or similar qualification in the subject. There are several examination boards that produce specifications for a Key Stage 4 Business Studies curriculum. However, the resources in this section can be used to support delivering the chosen specification within your school. For example, the Bank of England Museum provides financial awareness activities that can be of relevance and use. offer a revision tool for Business Studies that teachers may drawn upon to produce materials or serve as a source pupils can be directed to when working independently.

GCSE Business Studies builds on KS3 and pupils are taught about what they already know but in much more detail and depth. They are introduced to some new aspects also. On this page there are plenty of sites to help support the teaching of KS4 Business Studies and some contain packs, revision notes and activities. The BP site has plenty of secondary school resources that can be used for GCSEs. It has case studies for different business topics for example marketing. It also provides help for making sure a business is green, in the sense that it keeps a low carbon footprint and using sustainable/fairtrade resources.

Aims of KS4 Business Studies

Key Stage 4 Business Studies aims to develop pupils’ understanding of business practice and structures and teach them to make effective use of terminology, concepts and methods used. They consider real business examples and are encouraged to look at business problems from different perspectives. Pupils may investigate problems, drawing on primary or secondary sources of information, and suggest solutions. KS4 Business Studies also encourages pupils to set up a mock-business of their own so that they can gain experience in different ways such as how they manage their team members, how they work with a budget, what makes a good business, etc…


8 Key Free Teaching Resources

BP Educational Service

BP Educational Service

Providing innovative curriculum-linked free teaching resources for secondary Science, Geography & Business Studies at Key Stages 3 and 4.

Find out more about BPES Secondary

Learn With Dogs

Learn With Dogs

Free downloadable resources that include information on responsible dog ownership and safety around dogs to help educate the dog owners of tomorrow.

Find out more about Learn With Dogs


Patent Office

Patant Office offers different packs that can be used in Enterprise, Business Studies and Design & Technology for all ages.

Find out more about Patent Office



A selection of videos and notes on the skills needed in the world of work, useful for Business Studies and WRL classes.

Find out more about Bnet


Bank of England Museum

For Business Studies and PSHE classes, this provides resources on helping children understand banking and its roles.

Find out more about Bank of England Museum


Google SketchUp

Google SketchUp is a downloadable piece of software that can be used to construct and design multiple ideas and also can be used in many school subjects.

Find out more about Google SketchUp



Waitrose offers information on how production, the benefits of good food and its importance.

Find out more about Waitrose can be used in Secondary School Business Studies classes as it explains accounting and economics.

Find out more about


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