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Free Drama KS4 Teaching Resources for Secondary Teachers

GCSE Drama – What it Offers

For pupils at Key Stage 4, there may be an option to study Drama as a discrete subject leading to the award of a GCSE. Different examination boards produce specifications for Drama, which influence the curriculum offered to pupils.

Drama offers pupils the opportunity to work creatively and collaborate with others to generate ideas; develop them and communicate these to an audience. They reflect on their work and the work of others to evaluate it. Pupils develop practical and performance skills through the study of Drama.

At Key Stage 4, pupils may engage in a devised piece of work based on a theme or issue to which they must display a clear understanding and display the skills they have learnt. They can study texts and practically explore it. Pupils develop performance skills and apply these when performing live to an audience.

The Curriculum

The curriculum can employ strategies, such as narrating, role play and thought-tracking, to explore a text or material to stimulate a devised piece of work. Use of movement, gesture and voice are considered as are the elements of costume, lighting, sound and set or props.

Drama is included in the National Curriculum for English at Key Stage 4 within the programme of study outlining requirements for Speaking and Listening. Plays and scripts feature in the requirements for Reading and Writing in English at Key Stage 4.

The resources in this section could support the discrete teaching of Drama or provide materials that can be incorporated into the English curriculum.


We have found some fantastic website for you to use to help support the teaching of GCSE Drama. RSC II has some great ways for pupils to connect with Shakespeare. There are tools, activities, visits, challenges and research that will help when teaching pupils about Shakespeare’s plays and also to develop their own acting skills. 


3 Key Free Teaching Resources


For KS3 and KS4 Drama teachers this site contains educational packs that will help them when looking at Shakespeare in class.

Find out more about RSC II


Royal Shakespeare Company

Bringing Shakespeare into children’s lives is that much easier with this site as it provides packs, videos, images, information and activities.

Find out more about R.S.C


Child Drama

Child Drama presents many links to lesson plans, books and so forth about Drama.

Find out more about Child Drama


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