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Free Drama KS3 Teaching Resources for Secondary Teachers

Drama with English

Drama is included in the National Curriculum for English programme of study. It forms part of the Speaking and Listening attainment target. In some secondary schools, pupils may have discrete lessons. Other schools may incorporate this within their English curriculum. Drama and English work well together as they look at both the writing and performance side to texts for example both subjects may look at Romeo & Juliet (both the book and any play or film performance).

The Programme of Drama Study

The programme of study highlights that pupils should develop their ability to work in role and improvise, devise and script plays and review their own performances and those of others. Pupils are expected to engage with plays, for the stage and screen, as part of the Reading attainment target in English. The Writing attainment target also includes reference to pupils producing play scripts and screenplays. Drama can be integrated into this to support reading and writing outcomes for pupils and experience the purpose of scripts in underpinning performances. I

Drama also has a unique set of skills, knowledge and understanding outside of the English curriculum. This includes conveying relationships, building a character, the use of voice and gesture as well as elements of staging.

Skills and knowledge gained from this subject can help a pupil become more confident with who they are and also help them if they progress onto GCSE Drama.

William Shakespeare

It is expected that pupils study a play by Shakespeare. There are materials in this section that can be used to support planning and resourcing this. These may encourage a drama-based approach to the text. This site has found some useful sites that involve William Shakespeare’s plays and theatre. The Globe Theatre has a range of learning opportunities, courses, workshops and events that are helpful when learning about the Shakespearian time and plays. The Royal Shakespeare Company have a bank of plays that come with lots of different resources.


4 Key Free Teaching Resources

Royal Shakespeare Company

Bringing Shakespeare into children’s lives is that much easier with this site as it provides packs, videos, images, information and activities.

Find out more about R.S.C



For KS3 and KS4 Drama teachers this site contains educational packs that will help them when looking at Shakespeare in class.

Find out more about RSC II


Child Drama

Child Drama presents many links to lesson plans, books and so forth about Drama.

Find out more about Child Drama


The Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre site provides opportunities for visits, taking part in courses and valuable resources.

Find out more about The Globe Theatre



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