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Free Drama KS1 Teaching Resources for Primary Teachers

The Curriculum and how Drama is used at KS1

At KS1, Drama is an element of the English National Curriculum programme of study. It forms part of the Speaking and Listening attainment target. Children can explore characters and events to develop their understanding of a narrative or use working in role to develop their own stories. Teaching English through Drama can be a useful approach within lessons. It can provide enhanced opportunities when incorporating talk for writing into a teaching sequence.

Drama is not only a useful vehicle for teaching English or developing children’s understanding in other areas of the curriculum. It can be used to develop children’s ability to concentrate, listen and respond appropriately. They can increase their physical control and spatial awareness not to mention interact with others positively during collaborative work.

Drama games are a good way of teaching skills and abilities to children at Key Stage 1. In this section, there are lesson plans, ideas and resources that can be used to develop Drama as a discrete subject at Key Stage 1. The materials may also support making cross-curricular links.

After School

Setting up an after school drama club will maintain children’s interest and could quite possibly guide them into choosing drama as a career. A drama club can use all the same lesson plans and advice that is used in curriculum classes. Extra time in the subject will perfect skills and children can progress onto higher level plays, pantomimes and musicals.

Materials and Resources

This site offers materials to support the teaching of KS1 Drama. As it is the first time most pupils will have come into contact with this subject, the basics will need to be covered. Child Drama is a wonderful site that has a bank of resources (including images, scripts, handbooks and more) that covers everything a first time KS1 Drama student will need to know.

For any musicals that the children might have to perform, Sing up will help develop and perfect their singing skills. There are songs, activities, tips and advice for supporting the teaching of singing and drama.


4 Key Free Teaching Resources

Learn With Dogs

Learn With Dogs

Free downloadable resources that include information on responsible dog ownership and safety around dogs to help educate the dog owners of tomorrow.

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Sing Up - Teaching Resources

The Sing Up site helps Primary School Drama and Music pupils to help develop performing skills.

Find out more about Sing Up


Child Drama

Child Drama presents many links to lesson plans, books and so forth about Drama.

Find out more about Child Drama


Teaching Ideas II

Teaching Ideas II provides warm-up and cool-down ideas for KS2 and KS2 Drama classes.

Find out more about Teaching Ideas II


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