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Free Maths KS4 Teaching Resources for Secondary Teachers

The Programme of Study for KS4 Maths

At Key Stage 4, pupils are working towards a GCSE in the subject. The study of Maths at KS4 involves applying knowledge, skills and understanding to real-world situations and problems.

Learning Maths at Key Stage 4 develops pupil confidence in using a range of methods when working with number, geometry, measures and statistics. Pupils encounter the same mathematics in unfamiliar contexts or more difficult contexts. They also encounter more demanding mathematics in similar contexts. This may involve them working independently or collaboratively with others.

Inverse and direct proportion, expressions and equations are some aspects that are covered in the Number and Algebra strand of the National Curriculum programme of study at Key Stage 4. In Geometry and Measures, pupils learn about mensuration of 2D and 3D shapes. Within Statistics, pupils learn about box plots, histograms and lines of best fit. They are taught to interpret these.

The material in this section can provide resources and ideas that can be incorporated into lessons to support pupils in developing the skills, knowledge and understanding in different strands of the National Curriculum programme of study.

The GCSE Maths Challenge

Preparing students for GCSE or iGCSE Maths exams involves careful planning and the use of some great interactive resources to really keep the students motivated. Use the free resources on this page as a starting point for some new teaching ideas, or simply download them and use them in the classroom today. Many of the resources can be used by students as revision practice for their exams or retakes. Of course it is important for students to revise at KS4, but they should also be enjoying Maths for Maths sake – whether through realising how important it is in our daily life, or simply because they enjoy the problem solving challenges inherent in the subject.

Diversity of Resources

One thing that can be frustrating for you and your students on a GCSE course is a lack of diverse Maths resources. You will soon get tired of using the same old textbooks, and so will your class. The resources on this page have been selected because they are well thought out, created with the programme of study for years 10 and 11 in mind, and are from an interesting range of organisations, charities and businesses. The national curriculum obviously outlines what is taught in the classroom, but it is up to you how the topics are actually taught in terms of the resources used. Fortunately there are plenty of sources of great materials available for free right here. The online games, puzzles and printable worksheets that you can use from this page will help keep your Maths lessons interesting for everyone – including yourself!


12 Key Free Teaching Resources

Learners Cloud

Learners Cloud

Watch hundreds of in-depth HD GCSE revision videos led by real GCSE tutors, each with Test & Learn questions. They’re fun, easy to follow and designed to complement classroom learning.

Find out more about Learners Cloud


Interactive Stuff

Help KS3 Maths students understand and learn sequences on an online format with this site.

Find out more about Interactive Stuff


Algebra Help

An algebra based site that contains lessons, worksheets and more to help teachers and their students.

Find out more about Algebra Help



Mazeworks presents a interesting choice of puzzles and problem-solving games.

Find out more about Mazeworks


Maths About

A wide range of algebra resources for KS3 students.

Find out more about Maths About


GCSE Guide

Free Maths guide that covers a range of topics as well as providing exam papers and coursework help.

Find out more about GCSE Guide


Maths Education

A great little Maths site that helps students to learn about Euclidean Algorithm.

Find out more about Maths Education


Surrey University

Surrey University explains and shows KS4 Maths students about Interest – Money and Payments.

Find out more about Surrey University


Curriculum Bits for Maths

This Maths site helps Secondary School students by providing them with videos, games and interactive resources.

Find out more about Curriculum Bits for Maths


Teacher's Choice

A Maths site that covers KS4 topics which is useful for teaching and revision.

Find out more about Teacher's Choice


Maths is Fun

This Maths site offers plenty of resources (covering a range of topics) that children can use.

Find out more about Maths is Fun



Nrich offers KS1 and KS2 Maths students problems, articles and games to read and solve.

Find out more about Nrich


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