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Free Maths KS3 Teaching Resources for Secondary Teachers

Maths at KS3

At Key Stage 3, the importance of Maths in the workplace, business, finance and for personal decision-making is highlighted. It is a subject that has practical applications and can also be studied for its own sake.

During KS2, pupils learn rules of arithmetic. In KS3 they continue to use and build on mental and written methods in everyday situations, such as temperature and financial transactions. They encounter algebra, equations, formulae and expressions. Properties of 2D and 3D shapes are studied. Pythagoras’ theorem, transformations, use of scale, surface areas and volume are included in the study of geometry and measures.

Pupils at Key Stage 3 learn about statistics and the cycle for handling data. They present information and analyse this, which includes the use of ICT to support them. They learn about probabilities and apply these ideas.

The Curriculum for Maths

The curriculum provides opportunities for pupils to use the same mathematics in more demanding contexts or those that are unfamiliar. Pupils may also encounter more challenging mathematics presented in similar contexts.

The key stage 3 Maths curriculum includes number and algebra, geometry and measures and statistics, and as pupils become more adept at these topics through years 7, 8 and 9 they should be given more challenging tasks and problems to solve. The free materials on this page can also be used as part of a revision course for KS3 SATs, so why not ask your students to take a look and choose some resources for themselves to do at home or in study periods? Revision at this key stage needs to kept fun and engaging, with some cool Maths games and real life scenarios to get their attention, so take a good look at the materials on this page to find out how they can help keep your key stage 3 pupils on course.


12 Key Free Teaching Resources

Maths Wrap

Maths Wrap

Wrap up your Maths! Free Resources, Worksheets, Fun Stuff & More!

Find out more about Maths Wrap

Cazoom Maths!

Cazoom Maths!

Cazoom: Specialist resources for one to one learning!

Find out more about Cazoom!


Maths is Fun

This Maths site offers plenty of resources (covering a range of topics) that children can use.

Find out more about Maths is Fun


Interactive Stuff

Help KS3 Maths students understand and learn sequences on an online format with this site.

Find out more about Interactive Stuff



Nrich offers KS1 and KS2 Maths students problems, articles and games to read and solve.

Find out more about Nrich



Resources, lesson plans, teaching tips and many more for all Primary and Secondary School Maths learning.

Find out more about NCTM


Curriculum Bits for Maths

This Maths site helps Secondary School students by providing them with videos, games and interactive resources.

Find out more about Curriculum Bits for Maths



Mazeworks presents a interesting choice of puzzles and problem-solving games.

Find out more about Mazeworks


Algebra Help

An algebra based site that contains lessons, worksheets and more to help teachers and their students.

Find out more about Algebra Help


Death to Decimals

Death to Decimals provides a game for children and helps them learn about converting fractions into decimal values.

Find out more about Death to Decimals


Recycle Zone

Site for KS3 teachers that will help support them teaching their students about recycling.

Find out more about Recycle Zone


Maths About

A wide range of algebra resources for KS3 students.

Find out more about Maths About


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