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Free PE KS4 Teaching Resources for Secondary Teachers

Physical Education at KS4 – Learning and Skills

Pupils at Key Stage 4 PE learn how to take part in different activities. They develop a wide range of skills and their ability to use tactics and strategies. Pupils use compositional skills in developing performance in dance and gymnastic activities. They learn about healthy and active lifestyles, considering the benefits. Pupils develop personally and socially. Working individually, in groups and teams, they take responsibility. At Key Stage 4, pupils can take on different roles and responsibilities. These can include leadership, coaching or officiating.

Pupils continue to develop whole-body skills and fine skills needed to use different apparatus and equipment. They adjust tactics and strategies during activities through reflecting on their performance and how it can be improved. Pupils also comment on the work of others and ways that it can be moved forward.

Pupils are also taught about the theory/science side to the body in Physical Education. They learn the Latin for different muscles and bones and with that they learn how each part works; how sports affect each one. Learning about different systems of the body is also included as part of the GCSE course.


The range and content for pupils at Key Stage 4 includes games, gymnastic and dance activities. At GCSE level it is important that pupils get all the support they need as well as access to good revision materials and resources.

Education Forum has some tests, keyword sheets and revision materials for KS4 Physical Education lessons. It covers topics such as the circulatory system, fitness and muscles.

100 Percent Me targets the section of the KS4 PE course about clean sports. It is vital that pupils are taught to partake in sport without the use of drugs to aid them. The learning zone on this site contains resources and games as well as advice for coaches of sport to help maintain a drug-free athlete. 


5 Key Free Teaching Resources

Aviva Athletics Academy

Aviva Athletics Academy

The Aviva Athletics Academy offers a range of programmes, resources and information for teachers, parents, coaches and young athletes wanting to find out more about delivering and taking part in athletics!

Find out more about Aviva Athletics Academy

UN World Food Programme

UN World Food Programme

Learn about nutritious school meals and global hunger with the story of a Kenyan school girl named Molly, who can stay in education thanks to the meals she receives at school.

Find out more about UN World Food Programme


100 Percent Me

100 Percent me has a range of information that talks about athletes, sport and substance use for P.E. and Science subjects.

Find out more about 100 Percent Me


Teach PE

Can be used for Secondary School PE and Science classes as it has resources and quizzes to help teach and revise.

Find out more about Teach PE


Education Forum

Education Forum contains GCSE PE test, revision and key word resources.

Find out more about Education Forum


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