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Free PE KS3 Teaching Resources for Secondary Teachers

Development and Skills in KS3 Physical Education

At Key Stage 3, pupils develop a wide range of skills. They increase their ability to use tactics and strategy. Pupils reflect on their performance during activities they have taken part in or in relation to those they have watched. They work individually, in groups and teams. As part of this, pupils develop an understanding of fairness and responsibility at individual and social levels.

Pupils are introduced to many new sports at KS3 level and are shown strategies and tactics that will help them understand the game and win it. The importance of teamwork is emphasied at this level- shown through sports like Hockey, Basketball, Track Sports and more.

What Pupils Develop and Show

KS3 pupils develop competence in whole-body skills, such as throwing, and finer skills, like handling equipment. They show stamina, strength and suppleness. Pupils also develop confidence and a drive to succeed. At KS3, pupils adjust their way of working individually, in small groups or teams. The value of a healthy and active lifestyle is promoted.

National Curriculum and Resources

Games, dance and gymnastic activities are part of the range and content in the Key Stage 3 programme of study for PE in the National Curriculum.There are a range of resources for PE that can be used to support teaching and learning at Key Stage 3. These include planning, ideas for activities and other useful reference material.

Kids Health talks about the benefits of a healthy diet along with how the body grows. It explains the jobs that bodies do, illnesses and also injuries. All these are important when teaching PE as it helps to make children aware about the inner-body side to the subject.

Teach PE has a huge bank of resources to use; covering topics like diet, body structure, exercise, etc… There are challenges covering warm up and cool down activities to test pupils knowledge.


5 Key Free Teaching Resources

Aviva Athletics Academy

Aviva Athletics Academy

The Aviva Athletics Academy offers a range of programmes, resources and information for teachers, parents, coaches and young athletes wanting to find out more about delivering and taking part in athletics!

Find out more about Aviva Athletics Academy


Teach PE

Can be used for Secondary School PE and Science classes as it has resources and quizzes to help teach and revise.

Find out more about Teach PE


Bin it!

Bin It! is a site that Secondary School PE and PSHE teachers can download and print plans and sheets on making children aware of the impacts of dropping gum.

Find out more about Bin It!


100 Percent Me

100 Percent me has a range of information that talks about athletes, sport and substance use for P.E. and Science subjects.

Find out more about 100 Percent Me


Kids Health

A PE site that teaches students about the body, how it works and other useful information.

Find out more about Kids Health


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