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Free PE KS2 Teaching Resources for Primary Teachers

Physical Education at KS2

During Key Stage 2, children learn new skills and how to use these in different ways. They develop their understanding of how to succeed in different activities, collaborating and competing with others. Knowing how to communicate and interact correctly with peers is a key part when teaching PE.

Children in KS2 show greater control when performing skills and actions. In small group and team activities, children use strategy and tactics. They identify what has been effective and use this to improve their performance. Regular practice is important when developing skills and keeping fit. After school and lunchtime clubs (such as football, rugby, netball and more) will help with children getting practice.

At KS2, children come to understand how to prepare for physical activity, the benefits to their health, how their bodies are affected in the short-term and being hygienic. Alongside being taught about keeping fit, children are also told about keeping a healthy diet so that they can lead longer lives and also it will help with their sports.

The Breadth of Study

The breadth of study in PE at Key Stage 2 includes dance, gymnastic and games activities. Swimming and water safety form part of the curriculum. Athletics and outdoor pursuits are also identified as areas that children can be taught. The wide variety is great for kids as they can find out what they like and possibly train further in.

Resources for Physical Education

The resources in this section contain materials for teaching swimming safely. There are suggestions for outdoor and group games for children to develop their skills through. There are also resources related to London 2012 that links to athletic activities.

Premier Sport has a brilliant list of activities that can be used in KS2 lessons. They also provide ideas (with locations) for after-school and lunch-time clubs. All that has to be done is type in the city where the children are; then find a suitable club.


8 Key Free Teaching Resources

British Red Cross

British Red Cross

‘Life. Live it. First aid education for children’ - helping you teach first aid

Find out more about British Red Cross Primary

Aviva Athletics Academy

Aviva Athletics Academy

The Aviva Athletics Academy offers a range of programmes, resources and information for teachers, parents, coaches and young athletes wanting to find out more about delivering and taking part in athletics!

Find out more about Aviva Athletics Academy



Selection of Free Resources related to the 2012 Olympics from LCP.

Find out more about LCP


Playground Fun

Playground Fun has a wide choice of games that children can play.

Find out more about Playground Fun


Premier Sport

A PE site that is aimed at Primary School pupils and offers ideas and information on activities.

Find out more about Premier Sport


Kids Health

A PE site that teaches students about the body, how it works and other useful information.

Find out more about Kids Health


London 2012

Resources about the up and coming London 2012 Olympics that can be used in PE classes.

Find out more about London 2012



FA is a brilliant football site that engages Teachers and their students through the use of clubs, teams, skills and awareness of disability.

Find out more about FA


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