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Free History KS4 Teaching Resources for Secondary Teachers

GCSE History – About KS4

Pupils studying History at Key Stage 4 will be working towards a GCSE in this subject.

At Key Stage 4, pupils need to acquire a wide general knowledge of the past. It may be useful for them to read articles and watch documentaries so they can put their learning into  context. Encouraging the reading of a variety of books can also be important. Even watching films made by the British Film Industry or Hollywood can also be important as it will help develop skills in learning what is the truth; plus they can also get an idea of what things were like back in that time (obviously based on the film makers viewpoint and research).

To be successful, pupils need to use evidence to make judgements about circumstances surrounding historical events. They must recognise that this use of evidence is necessary to support an opinion. Pupils must acknowledge that there can be several causes and consequences of a historical event so they have to engage with different arguments and opinions, which they may not necessarily agree with personally.

Developing historical interpretation is a key skill that must be developed so that pupils can identify bias, question reliability of information and recognise this in their responses.


Depending on the examination board depends on what gets taught. Topics in GCSE History can include Medicines, China, World War II, The American West and more. Pupils may also partake in a section on terrorism and also a project of the history of their own area. Each topic is taught with textbooks, videos, and plenty of resources to back up information and help pupils revise.

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence have 38 resources on the Native Americans which can really be useful when looking at the American West topic. There are hundreds more resources concerning different topics, all to do with America. is an interactive site that covers many different GCSE topics. It has a timeline of events as well as engaging videos. It provides still images and also location details of all the events it shows.


7 Key Free Teaching Resources

Learn With Dogs

Learn With Dogs

Free downloadable resources that include information on responsible dog ownership and safety around dogs to help educate the dog owners of tomorrow.

Find out more about Learn With Dogs


Explore Parliament

Lesson plans for KS2, 3 & 4 for History and Citizenship lessons as well as providing games, videos and many more resources.

Find out more about Explore Parliament contains lots of videos for the use of Secondary School History teachers and their students.

Find out more about


National Archives

The National Archives site has resources about different parts of the Home Front (1939 – 1945) era.

Find out more about National Archives


Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

Lots of resources based on U.S. History topics such as Slavery, Government, etc...

Find out more about Federal Resources for Educational Excellence



BethShalom covers some useful sections when learning about the Holocaust in KS3 History and PSHE classes.

Find out more about BethShalom


National Portrait Gallery

NPD has digital resources that can be used for History classes and also Art & Design classes.

Find out more about the National Portrait Gallery


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