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Free MFL KS1 Teaching Resources for Primary Teachers

Learning Modern Foreign Languages at KS1

Children can be introduced to learning a language in Reception and Key Stage 1. Learning a language from a young age can really help in a person’s life later on if they are required to travel to other countries for business or other purposes.

During Key Stage 1, they may listen and respond to songs, rhymes and even familiar stories in the language being learned. The use of gesture and visual prompts can help them begin to understand the language. These approaches encourage active learning as children explore language together in games, songs and show what they know. These are good opportunities for those who are not confident enough to contribute orally to make contributions and develop confidence by watching others.

Using songs and television shows is a great way of teaching young children another language. It helps when they see a translated TV show of something they usually watch as they understand how the characters work, what they do and how they interact.

Learning a new language can also provide children in Key Stage 1 with a chance to learn about different countries and cultures. They can make simple comparisons between their own country and culture and others.

Registration time is a great opportunity to use greetings and for children to respond to simple questions about how they are. The materials in this section provide resources that could be used to introduce a modern foreign language within the classroom.


When introducing young children to a new language, help will be needed from secondary resources. The sites we have found will help support teachers and help KS1 MFL pupils.

Channel 4 offer two brilliant games that are colourful and simple to play. One is in French and the other in German. They help children understand how to understand words, instructions, tasks and events. Topics like travel, clothing, food and family are covered.


5 Key Free Teaching Resources

Learn Alberta

MFL site that helps students learn French through cartoon imagery and mini-movies.

Find out more about Learn Alberta


National Grid for Learning II

A fun Spanish site that can be used online or be downloaded and comes with teachers notes.

Find out more about National Grid for Learning II


Primary French

French translations for first names that can be used in Primary School MFL classes.

Find out more about Primary French


Channel 4

A French and German game for MFL Primary School students.

Find out more about Channel 4


Language Guide

Language Guide is an in-depth site that contains guides on many different languages.

Find out more about Language Guide


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