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Free MFL KS3 Teaching Resources for Secondary Teachers

Modern Foreign Languages at KS3

At Key Stage 3, pupils learn to appreciate different countries, cultures and people. Intercultural understanding is an important aspect. Pupils develop insight into other cultures. This may include everyday life, festivals and events that are important in a nation. They develop the ability to understand and communicate in another language. This can support them in leisure and employment.

Depending on the school, KS3 MFL pupils may be taught 2 languages at the same time. There could be a combination of French/Spanish, Spanish/German, etc… This allows pupils to learn and develop skills in these languages, to which they may choose to take on as a GCSE at KS4.

During KS3, pupils work on techniques to help them memorise words, phrases and spellings. They may use their knowledge of English or another language to help them. Dictionaries and other reference materials also form part of language learning strategies they develop in Key Stage 3. Pupils become aware of clues that can help them understand what they hear. For example, facial expression or body language and listening for key words.

Pupils at KS3 develop language skills by listening for detail, skimming and scanning texts to identify main points and use the correct intonation and pronunciation. They ask and answer questions to build their ability to sustain conversations. Pupils are expected to write clearly in the language they are learning.


The resources in this section can be used to support the curriculum at Key Stage 3 and schemes of work that are in place. There are some great sites with lesson plans, games and more.

Penpals of the World is a fantastic site that teachers and pupils can use. They can connect with people from all over the world, talk to them in their own language or practice at the one they have been learning in school.

Alien Language is a dedicated site to learning about different parts of the body for Secondary School students. It is a downloadable tool. There are also materials and activities that accompany this tool.


6 Key Free Teaching Resources

Alien Language

A fun language-learning site that is aimed at children aged 11–14 who study MFL.

Find out more about Alien Language


Penpals of the world

To help students practice their MFLs they can enter this site and talk to people from all over the world.

Find out more about Penpals of the World


Espanol Extra

Many resources, assessments and so on for Secondary School Spanish learning.

Find out more about Espanol Extra


Get Set

Primary and Secondary resources on the 2012 Olypics for Citizenship, PSHE and MFL.

Find out more about Get Set


Curriculum Bits for MFL

For Secondary School MFL students, this site has lots of resources concerning the French and German languages.

Find out more about Curriculum Bits for MFL


MFL Resources

A vast amount of MFL resources can be accessed through this site for Secondary School Learning.

Find out more about MFL Resources


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