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Free MFL KS2 Teaching Resources for Primary Teachers

Learning Modern Foreign Languages at KS2

In the early stages of learning a language, children find out how to respond and use simple words, phrases and questions. They tune into the pronunciation of words and intonation that is used. Children may also compare the language to English or other languages they are familiar with in order to help them learn.

Children at K2 may be encouraged to use the sounds of the language learned in writing. They may be taught simple grammar and how to apply these when writing in the language being learned.

They develop intercultural understanding; learn about other countries and cultures linked to the modern foreign language being studied. Children can consider their own country and culture, making comparisons. Events such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas can be discussed when covering culture, as countries may celebrate these in different ways.

The Curriculum

At Key Stage 2, learning another language can reinforce and develop knowledge, skills and understanding in other areas of the curriculum. For example, developing listening skills as part of the National Curriculum for English. There are opportunities in mathematical areas when children learn to count, tell the time and give the date in a modern foreign language, for instance.


Children learning KS2 MFL develop on previous skills and learn a lot more new works and interactions. We have found some good resources which will help support and guide this further learning of a language.

CILT has plenty of resources, ideas and activities to help support the learning of MFL at KS2. Activities may include a form of drama, storytelling or even songs which engages children, gets them fully involved and also encourages their learning.

National Grid for Learning II has a learning Spanish site that has online and downloadable resources as well as teacher's notes to guide teachers when educating KS2 MFL pupils when learning this language.


5 Key Free Teaching Resources

Language Guide

Language Guide is an in-depth site that contains guides on many different languages.

Find out more about Language Guide


National Grid for Learning II

A fun Spanish site that can be used online or be downloaded and comes with teachers notes.

Find out more about National Grid for Learning II


Primary French

French translations for first names that can be used in Primary School MFL classes.

Find out more about Primary French


Learn Alberta

MFL site that helps students learn French through cartoon imagery and mini-movies.

Find out more about Learn Alberta


Channel 4

A French and German game for MFL Primary School students.

Find out more about Channel 4


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