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Free Design & Technology KS1 Teaching Resources for Primary Teachers

What happens in KS1 Design & Technology

At Key Stage 1Design & Technology, children engage in designing and making;. tThey investigate objects and explore how they work; they talk about, draw and make models of their ideas. They also learn how to make products safely.

Children work with tools, equipment and materials to make products. This includes measuring, marking out material, cutting and shaping these. They assembley materials to make their product and use simple finishing techniques to improve the appearance of their work. They talk about their ideas and state what they like and dislike about them.

In D&T, evaluating products is an important part of the programme of study. They think about what they could have done differently and ways that their work could be improved. It is essential that children are taught about the benefits of evaluation, as it helps them to always check work in whichever area of study and also prepares them for study and work in later years.

Areas of Design & Technology

During Key Stage 1, children design and make products that include food, by assembling different components and textiles. Children at a young age are made aware about healthy eating as it will affect their lives on a daily basis. The British Potato Council encourages schools to teach how potatoes grow and how they can be used in a balanced diet. There is a kit that can be sent as well as a store of lesson plans and worksheets, specific to the topic.


The resources in this section provide ideas for Key Stage 1 Design Technology. There are several websites that are of particular use when considering projects related to food. The British Potato Council and Morrisons provide support, help and encouragement when growing your own food at home and in schools. The Patent Office provides resources that will help engage younger children as it uses the characters Wallace and Gromit when talking about inventing new things.


10 Key Free Teaching Resources

Learn With Dogs

Learn With Dogs

Free downloadable resources that include information on responsible dog ownership and safety around dogs to help educate the dog owners of tomorrow.

Find out more about Learn With Dogs

BP Educational Service

BP Educational Service

Providing free teaching resources for primary Science at Key Stages 1 and 2.

Find out more about BPES Primary



Create word clouds in a number of subjects by using Wordle.

Find out more about Wordle


BNSC British National Space Centre

BNSC has teachers resources and video clips that educates students about Space.

Find out more about BNSC


Schools Tube

Schools Tube is a great way for teachers and their students to submit audiovisual content for it to be shared and used by others.

Find out more about Schools Tube


Nuffield Foundation

For KS1 and KS2 Design & Technology students, this site offers multiple resources for them to use in classes.

Find out more about Nuffield Foundation


British Potato Council

British Potato Council has 12 lessons based on potatoes for Primary School learning in Design & Technology classes.

Find out more about British Potato Council


Patent Office

Patant Office offers different packs that can be used in Enterprise, Business Studies and Design & Technology for all ages.

Find out more about Patent Office



Morrison’s have lesson plans, tips, guides and more that Primary and Secondary School teachers can access about schools growing their own food.

Find out more about Morrisons


silkysteps - Teaching Resources

Silkysteps provides a selection of activity ideas for young children.

Find out more about Silkysteps


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