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Free Music KS1 Teaching Resources for Primary Teachers

Learning about Music at KS1

During Key Stage 1, children listen and respond to a range of music. They play musical instruments and sing songs that they have memorised, adding accompaniment where appropriate. Children create simple compositions. They consider how sounds can create different moods.

Children at KS1 control sounds when singing and playing instruments. This develops their performing skills. They create pieces of music in building their composing skills. This can involve creating patterns of sound, choosing from these and organising them. During Key Stage 1 Music, children respond using movement, dance and subject-specific vocabulary. This develops their appraising skills. Children develop knowledge of how music is used for different purposes.

The teaching of Music at Key Stage 1 links together performing, composing and appraising skills. Teachers can form groups of children and get them to perform music by playing their instruments at certain time slots. For example, children can sit in a circle with one instrument each; they have a pattern to play with their instrument; then one at a time, going around the circle, they all play; reaching the point where they are all playing together; then they all stop playing one at a time when going back around the circle. This teaches them how to interact with other children and also how to play at correct times.


Resources in this section support teaching by providing ideas that can be used to inspire lessons. There are websites that can help when learning about musical instruments. The Sing Up website provides useful materials, such as a glossary of musical terms and tips for leading singing singing sessions. It also includes a range of songs that can be used to incorporate Music into other areas of the curriculum.

Curriculum Online has some resources for KS1Music classes. They consist of songs, worksheets, compositions and flashcards which all support teachers when educating pupils about music.


8 Key Free Teaching Resources

Sing Up - Teaching Resources

The Sing Up site helps Primary School Drama and Music pupils to help develop performing skills.

Find out more about Sing Up


Curriculum Online

Curriculum Online is for Primary and Secondary School Music teachers for it has support materials, teaching resources and many more helpful stuff.

Find out more about C.O



This music site provides a free audio editor developed by a team of software developers, translators, etc...

Find out more about Audacity


Anvil Studio

This music site provides a free program called ‘Anvil Studio’ that allows a person to record, compose, sequence and play music.

Find out more about Anvil Studio


Shaun the Sheep

The Shaun the Sheep game allows KS1 children to develop their hand-eye coordination through mouse skills.

Find out more about Shaun the Sheep


TVO Kids

TVO Kids is a interactive site for Primary School Music students, that teaches them how to create a music track.

Find out more about TVO Kids


A&C Black Highlights

A&C Black helps support teachers when teaching musical instruments and musical tunes.

Find out more about A&C Black Highlights


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