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Free Music KS4 Teaching Resources for Secondary Teachers

GCSE Music

Pupils studying Music at Key Stage 4 will be working towards a GCSE in the subject. Different examination boards provide specifications and this determines the curriculum pupils follow during Key Stage 4. As part of Key Stage 4 Music, pupils can be required to create a composition. They may be required to perform a solo and ensemble piece. A listening and written exam can also be a requirement.

Studying Music at Key Stage 4 not only teaches pupils knowledge, skills and understanding needed to compose, perform or appraise. It develops an appreciation of different kinds of music, creative thinking and gives an opportunity for pupils to extend their own interests and find new ones in this subject.

Materials and Resources

Audio material for use in the classroom can be found in this section. There is also access to software that can be used to record, edit and compose pieces of music. Music Theory provides a good source of information on the basics of Music as well as containing more advanced material. This could be useful when teaching in the classroom or a source pupils can access as part of revision. has some excellent resources for KS4 singers to use for when when they perform their examination piece. There is a mass of breathing exercises, lyrics, books, lessons, scales, software and more that will help support them. This site also provides how-to-guides and lessons for teachers so that they can perfect and tune their plans depending on what pupils they are teaching.

Essentials of Music is a classical music site where there is lots of information on songs, pieces, composers, conductors and performers. There are small biographies on each of these which can help with the theory side of KS4 Music. Periods of time are also covered, starting from the year 500 all up until today.


8 Key Free Teaching Resources

Anvil Studio

This music site provides a free program called ‘Anvil Studio’ that allows a person to record, compose, sequence and play music.

Find out more about Anvil Studio


Classical Archives

A collection of classical music that can be used in Music lessons and also has lots of information.

Find out more about Classical Archives



This music site provides a free audio editor developed by a team of software developers, translators, etc...

Find out more about Audacity


Essentials of Music

Knowledge and information about classical music of past and present that Music teachers can easily use.

Find out more about Essentials of Music has 52 lesson plans about music, how it has meaning and the part it plays in culture.

Find out more about



A music site that provides detailed explanations of African music and their culture.

Find out more about Afropop


Music Theory

Music Theory is a site that contains lessons, exercises and tools that can be used in Music classes.

Find out more about Music Theory

This Music site is an amazing site to use in KS4 classes as it contains multiple exercises, training and lyrics.

Find out more about


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