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Free Citizenship KS3 Teaching Resources for Secondary Teachers

What Citizenship at KS3 Entails

At Key Stage 3, Citizenship continues to develop skills, knowledge and understanding that young people need in order to take an effective role in public life. For instance, rights, responsibilities, laws, justice and democracy continue to be examined following study of these at KS2.  This area of the curriculum seeks to develop respect for diverse ideas, beliefs, cultures and shared values of UK citizens.

In Key Stage 3, pupils begin to take a more critical approach by exploring their opinions, the ideas of others, evaluating information and making informed judgements about political, social, ethical and moral issues. They build on what they learnt in KS2, with more depth and detailed analysis of certain topics. For some topics group work is essential as it helps develop skills in communication, understanding and analysis.

Key Concepts

There are three key concepts underpinning the curriculum: democracy and justice, rights and responsibilities and living together in a diverse UK society. It is expected that pupils will research and undertake enquiries to explore issues where sources of information are analysed and evaluated.

Teaching-Resources-UK has some great lesson plans and worksheets that will help and support the teaching of these key concepts (in their topic area). Every plan has tips and they also come with powerpoints to guide the direction of any lesson.


These resources can be used to support teaching and learning within the three key concepts as well as providing materials that relate to the range and content for Citizenship at Key Stage 3. There is a fantastic range of lesson plans, workshops, powerpoints, videos and more that provide support.

BT provides a selection of online activities that pupils can use to help develop their communication skills, learn about themselves and also learn about their peers. There is also a video resource and downloadable handbooks and teachers notes.


22 Key Free Teaching Resources


Good communication is key to success as a student, employee or parent. Our learning and skills programme helps young people become better, more effective communicators.

Find out more about BT Learning Skills

E-safety Support

E-safety Support

E-safety Support. It is a comprehensive suite of resources developed to help schools to meet Ofsted requirements by delivering a clear strategy that promotes shared (teachers, pupils, parents etc) responsibility for e- safety.

Find out more

Practical Action

Practical Action

Inspiring resources on sustainability, climate change, renewable energy and global learning

Find out more about Practical Action



Free teaching resources to help you develop informed, responsible and active citizens.

Find out more about RSPCA

Association for Citizenship Teaching

Association for Citizenship Teaching

ACT - the professional association for those involved in citizenship education

Find our more about ACT

Learn With Dogs

Learn With Dogs

Free downloadable resources that include information on responsible dog ownership and safety around dogs to help educate the dog owners of tomorrow.

Find out more about Learn With Dogs

Citizenship Lesson Plans & Worksheets

Citizenship Lesson Plans & Worksheets

KS3 & 4 Citizenship lesson plans and worksheets covering, covering everything from diversity and democracy, through to local action and the European Parliament.

Find out more about Citizenship Lesson Plans & Worksheets

Crimestoppers Trust

Crimestoppers Trust

Be Fearless about crime @ – the new youth brand from the crime fighting charity Crimestoppers

Find out more about Crimestoppers Trust



Download free lesson ideas, people’s stories and images to promote global learning

Find out more about ActionAid



IFAW offers animal welfare and conservation-themed teaching resources and films aligned with UK curricula. This year’s theme, Elephants Never Forget, explores the world of elephants and the challenges they face.

Find out more about IFAW

UN World Food Programme

UN World Food Programme

Learn about nutritious school meals and global hunger with the story of a Kenyan school girl named Molly, who can stay in education thanks to the meals she receives at school.

Find out more about UN World Food Programme



For Citizenship and English KS3 classes, Orange have provided educational resources on their products and how to stay safe.

Find out more about Orange



The Amnesty site can be used in Secondary School Citizenship classes as it provides information on human rights.

Find out more about Amnesty


PETA Foundation

Peta Foundation has brilliant resources as it contains videos, posters, images and so much more.

Find out more about PETA Foundation



BFI provides a guide which explains how television can be used to cover Citizenship topics.

Find out more about BFI


Trading Standards

Lots of resources for both Primary and Secondary School Citizenship and PSHE classes.

Find out more about Trading Standards


Explore Parliament

Lesson plans for KS2, 3 & 4 for History and Citizenship lessons as well as providing games, videos and many more resources.

Find out more about Explore Parliament


Recycle Zone

Site for KS3 teachers that will help support them teaching their students about recycling.

Find out more about Recycle Zone



Resources and Packs for KS3 & KS4 Citizenship and PHSE lessons from Bridges.

Find out more about Bridges



Britkid teaches students about race, racism and life and how to deal with this topic.

Find out more about Britkid


The Holocaust Explained

Teaching resources to explain the Holocaust to KS3 Students in History and Citizenship.

Find out more about The Holocaust Explained


Sport Relief

Primary and Secondary School resources (including scripts and videos) for assemblies.

Find out more about Sport Relief



Banardo’s has a selection of 5 lesson plans which are interactive and also comes with support material and homework.

Find out more about Banardo's


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Citizenship Lesson Plans & Worksheets
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