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Free Art & Design KS1 Teaching Resources for Primary School Teachers

The National Curriculum for Art & Design

At KS1 children will be exploring and developing ideas, investigating and making art and crafts and using different tools and techniques. They will love visits to museums and galleries and experimenting in the classroom with collage, printmaking, digital media, textiles and sculpture. The national curriculum tries to approach art at this key stage with a very open mind and very little prescriptive requirements, as young children have few preconceived ideas about what art is and enjoy creating things for their own sake, so while they need to know about colour, pattern, texture, line and tone, it is pretty much up to you how you teach the topics. Using some of the great free resources on this page will help you to introduce a real diversity into your classes, so you need not worry about digging out the same old Van Gogh or Impressionist resources year after year. Fresh teaching ideas for art activities at Key Stage one have never been so easy to find.

How to Find Art and Design Resources for KS1 Children

Teaching art to younger children is always going to be a rewarding experience, as they love to explore ideas, materials and techniques - or in other words, get messy! It can be challenging coming up with new ideas for key stage one children, which is why some of the resources here can really help with your art lesson ideas. Get them started on fun art projects by using the free activities on this page as starters or extension activities, whether it is a worksheet for drawing or painting, some creative crafts projects or collage materials.



13 Key Free Teaching Resources

silkysteps - Teaching Resources

Silkysteps provides a selection of activity ideas for young children.

Find out more about Silkysteps


Show Me

Show Me has great activities for Primary School Art & Design classes.

Find out more about Show Me


Art Attack

Art Attack is a fun site that allows teachers to provide fun, artistic tasks and opportunities for their students.

Find out more about Art Attack



Create word clouds in a number of subjects by using Wordle.

Find out more about Wordle



This free site is perfect for Early Learners as it has plenty of games that they can use to learn about numbers, art, etc...

Find out more about Crickweb



The Engage site provides resources, images, case studies and information about Art & Design.

Find out more about Engage


Fable Vision

Fable Vision is a great online site for Primary School students who are learning to draw.

Find out more about Fable Vision



Selection of Free Resources related to the 2012 Olympics from LCP.

Find out more about LCP


I am an Artist

A Art site for Primary School learning based around Art & Design that describes everything you can use in a lesson.

Find out more about I am an Artist


Teaching Ideas

The Teaching Ideas site is full of Art & Design Primary School level lesson plans and more.

Find out more about Teaching Ideas


Paul Carney Arts

Teaching and Learning Ideas about Art, linked in with other subjects, for Primary Schools from Paul Carney Arts.

Fin out more about Paul Carney Arts


National Grid for Learning

The Van Gogh teaching resource contains an interactive activity and also a lesson pack.

Find out more about National Grid for Learning



Online art gallery featuring some famous and well-known artists.

Find out more about Starfall


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