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Free Art & Design KS4 Teaching Resources for Secondary Teachers

The National Curriculum for Art & Design

At KS4 students will of course be taking their GCSE in Art and Design, so any teaching materials you use in your lesson planning need to have been developed with this in mind. In most cases, the resources on this page will have something to help you, even if it is just as a lesson starter activity or extension resource to your usual materials. They give students the opportunity to make the necessary links to contemporary and historical artists, as well as experiencing a range of craft and design processes and exploring medium, method and materials. Whether you are looking for resources for applied, fine art or photography, the resources here can help you.

Arty Factory has some brilliant examples of pen & ink drawings. It explains and shows how to create an image and then fill it with detail. The site comes with explanations of different pen styles and how they should be used.

Art, Craft and Design Activities

So how do you help your students with developing their ideas, experimenting with different mediums and techniques and recording their ideas? Sketchbooks, journals and their portfolios all help with tracking progress, as do design sheets and digital resources. Then when it comes to art history and finding out about social and historical contexts, you can use some of the museum or gallery resources to enrich learning through the use of video clips, interactive online activities and other free art lesson resources to give you new teaching ideas. These secondary resources will be relevant to the national curriculum and to GCSE specifications, complete with clear learning objectives and outcomes.


There are a number of different galleries that KS4 students can be taken to for activities, references or just to gain inspiration. The National Portrait gallery has lots of displays, collections  and learning opportunities that can be used as part of a lesson or reference purposes. They offer workshops and sessions to young people that are based around  portraits, drawing inspiration and more.



11 Key Free Teaching Resources

Antony Gormley

An Art & Design site on Antony Gormley that contains multiple resources on the subject.

Find out more about Antony Gormley



Create word clouds in a number of subjects by using Wordle.

Find out more about Wordle


National Gallery

The National Gallery provides tips and information on visiting them with Primary School students.

Find out more about National Gallery


National Portrait Gallery

NPD has digital resources that can be used for History classes and also Art & Design classes.

Find out more about the National Portrait Gallery


Curriculum Bits for Art & Design

A site for Secondary School Art & Design classes that presents a selection of videos specific to the subject.

Find out more about Curriculum Bits for Art & Design



The Engage site provides resources, images, case studies and information about Art & Design.

Find out more about Engage


Arty Factory

An Art site that educates the teacher and their students how to develop images through using pencil and pen.

Find out more about Arty Factory



The Artsmark site that provides the opportunity for schools to be recognised through their Art & Design and other creative subjects.

Find out more about Artsmark


Saatchi Gallery

The Saatchi Gallery provides workshops, educational packs and visits to Art & Design Secondary School teachers and students.

Find out more about Saatchi Gallery


Board Works

Interactive activities and resources for Secondary School Art & Design lessons from Board Works.

Find out more about Board Works


Google SketchUp

Google SketchUp is a downloadable piece of software that can be used to construct and design multiple ideas and also can be used in many school subjects.

Find out more about Google SketchUp


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