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Free Art & Design KS2 Teaching Resources for Primary Teachers

The National Curriculum for Art & Design

KS2 Art needs careful planning to ensure progression across the key stage. If planned carefully it is a wonderful opportunity to experiment with colour, pattern and  texture.  FableVision provides 4 good tracing activities so that KS2 children can gain tracing skills and also learn how to draw just from sight.

Art projects need to be challenging enough to keep older or more able pupils engaged, but inclusive enough for all children, including those who have different learning styles. Lesson plans can be devised with some of the free resources on this page to make them really engaging and fun, which is carefully mapped to the national curriculum and appeals equally to kinesthetic, visual and aural learners. Most of the resources on this page will have been developed with the UK national curriculum programme of study for art and design in mind, by a wide range of organisations and charities who are experts in their fields.

Planning Your KS2 Art and Design Lessons

Using the national curriculum as your starting point, your lessons then need to be tailored to the requirements of your pupils. You can use the resources on this page to inspire some new teaching ideas and approaches to familiar topics such as colour, pattern or historical and social contexts for Art and Design.  Try some new worksheets or online activities as starter activities or points for group discussions, or just to enrich your art projects. Art activities at key stage 2 can include colour, pattern, shape, form and space and working in two or three dimensions. Pupils should be learning to collate visual information, possibly in a sketchbook or scrapbook of some kind, and be getting to grips with tools and techniques that they can further utilise at secondary level.

Engage can help when planning trips to galleries for it provides informations on the closest galleries to you, their addresses and also which key stage they are appropriate for.



14 Key Free Teaching Resources

British Gas Generation Green

British Gas Generation Green

Generation Green is British Gas’ education programme; teaching children about sustainability, inspiring a nation of energy innovators and providing energy makeovers for schools across Britain

Find out more about Generation Green


National Grid for Learning

The Van Gogh teaching resource contains an interactive activity and also a lesson pack.

Find out more about National Grid for Learning


Paul Carney Arts

Teaching and Learning Ideas about Art, linked in with other subjects, for Primary Schools from Paul Carney Arts.

Fin out more about Paul Carney Arts


Artisan Cam

Artisan Cam can be used in an Art & Design lesson as is contains workshop clips on how to create a number of different objects.

Find out more about Artisan cam


Art Attack

Art Attack is a fun site that allows teachers to provide fun, artistic tasks and opportunities for their students.

Find out more about Art Attack


Teaching Ideas

The Teaching Ideas site is full of Art & Design Primary School level lesson plans and more.

Find out more about Teaching Ideas



The Engage site provides resources, images, case studies and information about Art & Design.

Find out more about Engage



Selection of Free Resources related to the 2012 Olympics from LCP.

Find out more about LCP



Create word clouds in a number of subjects by using Wordle.

Find out more about Wordle


I am an Artist

A Art site for Primary School learning based around Art & Design that describes everything you can use in a lesson.

Find out more about I am an Artist



Selection of Free Drawing Lessons covering a range of topics from ABC.

Find out more about ABC


Show Me

Show Me has great activities for Primary School Art & Design classes.

Find out more about Show Me



Online art gallery featuring some famous and well-known artists.

Find out more about Starfall


Fable Vision

Fable Vision is a great online site for Primary School students who are learning to draw.

Find out more about Fable Vision


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